iPhone diorama by Mike Ko

A 24-second graduation piece that took three months approximately three months to finish. Though it’s fairly short, it’s some really nice work.

(via artandcetera)


Manuscript of the first page of the Winterreise cycle. 


Manuscript of the first page of the Winterreise cycle. 

let it rain,
let it snow,
and show the fire beneath,
let it shine,
let it all fall,
our fire will melt it away.

i’ll find someone else!
oh, will you now?
yes i will! you’re not worth it!
i know…
you should know, you broke me.
i did, don’t remind me.
why? you’re getting angry again! we’re no—!
we’re not even together anymore…
i know! stop it!
“stop!” what? tell me!
stop, i still want you.
oh, do you now?
yes! come back!
no, i gave you many chances already! i don’t want to be broken, again.
i won’t! not this time, just another chance! please!
do no beg, you have caused me enough, as it is.
i’m sorry! forgive me! i’ll do anything!
ok, then stay with me, forever.
w-what? why? y-you just said “anything”!
i won’t stay forever, you know that.
i know, but i want to believe, don’t you?
i do too, but it will end, soon.
i know.

then stay, we both know, but we can make the best of our time together.
no, i change my mind, i’m going far away.
fine! do what you want!
b-bye!!! i don’t ever want to see you, ever again!!!
(deep breaths) no, no, no, no, no…
he’s gone, he wasn’t kidding.
oh well, off i go then.
…come back…

// my day…//

when i arrived,
i knew he was going to be late,
but i got sad,
i was going to cry,
i forced myself not to though,
it wasn’t worth it,
when i finally sat down,
i didn’t want to see the clock,
so i waited,
it felt like an hour before he arrived,
when he came,
i didn’t think it was him,
he looked so-so- manly,
so different,
so him,
when he walked over,
i pretended to read whatever i was reading,
when he smiled,
i couldn’t resist,
when i touched him,
he moved away,
when i wanted him to smile,
he wouldn’t,
when i gave him a good-bye kiss on the cheek,
he smiled,
but softly,
when i wanted to call,
he wouldn’t,
so I always call,
every single one,
when i was on,
i told him,
but i ALWAYS start the conversations,
when i saw his face,
it cheered me up,
just a tad,
when we were video camming,
he didn’t say “i love you” because only he could hear me,
i had to say it,
when he had to stop,
he didn’t give me the opportunity to hang up,
when i get bored and send him something,
he answers immediately,
and i think to myself,
"That bastard, why did he stop talking to me?"
when i want him,
i know he can’t give me enough,
when i miss him,
and wait for him,
he shows up too late,
but i will try,
and hang on,
as long,
as necessary.

the thing is,
he’ll get tired of me,
and he’ll let go first,
that’s the way i want it to happen,
when it does.

i want to cry over it,
i want to get over it,
i want to be alone,
i want an awkward silence between us,
i want him to hate me,
i want it to be perfect,
like this.

i feel like i’m using you.


there is no hope,

you can only wait,

and see.

-Pang Lao

we are not things,
but human beings…

we do not belong,
we are ONE out of millions…

we feel,
we are linked together…

we see,
not with eyes…

we say,
we learn…

we touch,
only when we desire it…

we want,
what we don’t have…

we need,
when we have ended…

we move on,
because the past is the past,
and now is now…
I love this!